The Trans Bay Cable Project is a Major HVDC Infrastructure Project, based on
Siemens Technology, that was recently completed in the San Francisco
California Bay Area. Patch Services provided Engineering, Technical, Owners
Engineer and Project and Construction Management Services to Pattern Energy
and Siemens for this Project. Working closely with Pattern and Siemens,
Patch Services was responsible for the production of Permitting documents,
presentations to Governmental and Regulatory Authorities and for the
production of engineering designs, analysis and technical reviews. In
addition, Patch provided the technical and construction expertise and
staffing required to conduct the On-Site monitoring of construction
progress. The major activities and Services provided throughout the Trans
Bay Cable Project included:
. Licensing and Permitting that was required from a number of State
and City Governmental and Regulatory Agencies; interfacing with the Pacific
Gas & Electric as well as Mirant, the Merchant arm of Southern Company;
. Direct interfacing with the Project Owner on issues related to
Permitting Requirements, Siting requirements and Construction Management;
. Securing Easement Rights in San Francisco Bay from the California
State Land Agency;
. Preparation of Easement and Legal Description required for securing
access and real property rights for the Converter Stations and the
installation of the High Voltage cable across private properties;
. Conceptual engineering designs that incorporated the requirements of
the Siemens HVDC technology being deployed;
. Owners Engineer responsible for the review and coordination of
engineering and technical documents being developed by the local detailed
engineering firm;
. Development of the Projects CPM Engineering, Procurement, Material
Delivery Schedules for Materials and Equipment manufactured in Europe;
. Program Management of the Project for the Trans Bay Cable Project;
. On Site Construction Management of the Project Converter Sites and
coordination with Lenders inspection personnel for the laying of the subsea
High Voltage DC Cable.



Patch Services provided engineering and Programme Management support to
Ripon Cogeneration LLC as they modified their existing Cogeneration Facility
by the addition of a Distilled Water Plant. The Facility is located in
Ripon, California. It was a Qualifying Facility and had been selling process
steam to an adjacent paper mill. The paper mill has curtailed operations and
was no longer able to act as the process steam host. In order to maintain
its Qualifying Facility status, the Ripon Cogeneration Facility supplied
process energy to a new Distilled Water Plant. This plant consisted of a Low
Pressure Evaporator/Condenser, a Cooling Tower, two heat exchangers and a
balance of pumps, valves and instruments. The power plant fed first pass RO
water to the Distilled Water Plant as feed stock and then was stored,
blended and injected into the City Non Potable Water system in order to
reduce the concentration of Total Dissolved Solids in the NPW system. Patch
Services engineering and management responsibilities included:
. Design Basis Document;
. Scope of Work Document;
. Total Installed Cost Estimate and Project CPM Schedule;
. Engineering Oversight and Discipline Coordination;
. Procurement of Major Engineered Equipment;
. Site Construction Management;
. Process Flow Development;
. Piping & Instrumentation Diagram;
. Survey of Pertinent Existing Plant Equipment;
. Geotechnical Report of Pertinent Plant Area;
. Structural Steel & Reinforced Concrete Design of Equipment
. Equipment and Fabrication Vendor Drawing Review and Approval;
. Electrical One Line & Control Schematic;
. Process Instrumentation Specifications;
. Electrical Wire & Conduit Specifications;
. Electrical Wire & Conduit Schematic;
. Short Circuit & Arc Flash Calculations;
. Control System Software and Hardware Design;
. Instrument Loop Diagrams & Connection Details;
. Plant Systems Test, Start-Up, Training and Turn Over to Operations.



As a stakeholder in this Developmental Project, Patch Services joined a
multi-partnering relationship with Clean Energy Systems. The partners
included DOE, Mirant, Air Liquide and the California Energy Commission. CES
was in the process of developing a truly unique and innovative technology
for the production of steam to drive a steam turbine and capture commercial
grade CO2. In support of this innovative Project, Patch Services provided a
shared Project Management and Engineering responsibility with CES to
. Development of the PFD's, P&ID and the equipment required to support
CES's proprietary Gas Generator;
. Detailed engineering and specific materials of construction
evaluations selections required to construct this 500kw pilot plant;
. Coordination with Mirant to obtain the use of the Project Site area
as well as secure the benefit to use the existing Plant cooling water
system, fire water system, electrical interconnection and Site access
. Joint participation with the other stakeholders in the development
of the Project's CPM Engineering, Equipment Procurement and Construction
. Participate in the Initial Planning to expand the capacity of this
innovative technology to a 5MW proof of concept demonstration Plant.
CES is continuing with their R&D efforts to increase the size of the
Project. Developments in some of the early testing has shown that a very
small increase in the size of the CES reactor can produce significantly
greater quantities of steam and have the capability of driving a much larger
steam turbine. The expected increase in range is between 10MW up to 50MW.
Based on our work in this area and on this Project, Patch Services has
presented two Papers at Power-Gen International on the rather unique aspects
of this innovative technology.



Patch Services provided Program Management, Engineering and Construction
Management to the development of this Zero Liquid Discharge Clean Water
Plant for Ripon Cogeneration. The Facility is located in Ripon, California.
It is a Qualifying Facility (QF) and was selling process steam to the nearby
Neenah Paper Mill. The Neenah Paper Mill recently curtailed operations and
no longer could function as the required process steam host. In order to
maintain a QF status, the Ripon Cogeneration Facility supplied process
energy to the Distilled water Plant Described above as well as the new Zero
Liquid Discharge, Clean Water Plant. The Zero Liquid Discharge Plant was
required to eliminate the high TDS discharge from the Distilled Water Plant
which could not be accepted or process by the local City treatment plant.
Patch Services Program Management and Engineering responsibilities included:
. Provide Overall Programme, Project and Construction Management for
this new Unit at the existing Cogeneration Facility;
. Specify and Procurement of the Major Engineered Equipment required
for the Plant;
. Mechanical Engineering included providing Equipment List and
Equipment Data sheets, Piping & Valve Specification, Equipment Modeling,
Preliminary Equipment General Arrangement, Piping Interconnection Design;
. Structural Engineering included Equipment Electrical Connection One
Line Schematics, Instrumentation Specification, Steel & Concrete Design of
Equipment Foundations, Steel Design of Equipment Platforms and Supports,
Steel Design of Piping Supports and Steel Fabricator Selection;
. Civil Design included Survey of Pertinent Existing Plant Equipment
and Geotechnical Report of Pertinent Plant Area;
. Site and Area Grading and Drainage Plans required Storm Water and
the conveyance to containment areas adjacent to the Site;
. Controls Support included Control System Hardware Design, Control
System Software Design, Instrument Loop Diagrams & Connection Details;
. Electrical Engineering included Electrical Equipment One Line and
Control Schematic, Instrumentation Specifications, Electrical Wire & Conduit
Specification, Electrical Wire & Conduit Schedule, Short Circuit & Arc Flash
. Construction Management responsibilities included providing initial
Startup and Training and Providing Operations and Maintenance manuals.



Patch Services is providing Project Management, permitting support, detailed
engineering, technical support and construction management to this 30MWac
Photovoltaic Project being developed and constructed by Fotowatio Renewable
Ventures in Webberville, Texas. The Site is located approximately seventeen
(17) miles east of Austin, Texas and will connect into Austin Energy's 138kV
electrical transmission grid in the area.
This Project employs a single-axis tracking PV System, one (1) MW Inverters
and covers approximately 360 acres. The SCADA System being developed for
this Project will be integrated into the Austin Energy's energy management
systems, ERCOT Data Collection and Reporting Systems as well as the global
SACDA and information system being assembled by Fotowatio for operating PV
Projects worldwide. Patch Services will work with the global integrator in
the development of the Austin Solar SCADA System. Patch Services
responsibilities included:
. Develop Project Management Plan including resource allocations,
execution methodology, budget and schedule tracking systems, Management
Reporting Systems;
. Develop Site Boundary and Site Access Roadways;
. Solar Field Panel Layout, Including Internal Site Roadway Network;
. Develop Preliminary Site Grading Plans based on provided Hydrology
. Develop Electrical Single-Line including SCADA Coordination with
Austin Energy;
. Preliminary Electrical Equipment and Cable Sizing and
. Prepare Initial Project Cost Estimate to include both Permanent
Plant Equipment and Construction Labor and Indirects;
. Develop Project Engineering, Procurement and Construction Schedule
to establish feasible Solar Field installation rates, material lead times
required, specifically the 33MVA Step-Up Transformer, and the certainty of
supporting FRV's contractual Energy Delivery Date to Austin Energy;
. Conduct Bid Evaluation of Contractors Bids for provided Equipment,
Material, and Field Labor;
. Providing on-going Owners Engineers Services to the Project.



NOTE: This Project received seed capital from Khosla Ventures Capital Funds.
During the dedication ceremonies in November 2011, it was noted that Khosla
had invested ten million dollars in Cogenra and Patch Services was
recognized for its work on the Project.
Patch Services has provided Project Permitting Support, coordinated the
planning of new construction with On-Going Winery Operations. In addition,
obtained all required Sonoma County Building Permits, Performed Detailed
Engineering and Construction Management in the deployment of this new
technology. The Cogenra Concentrating Photovoltaic System is a new and
developing form of PV. Concentrating 8X, this system produces both
electrical energy and usable thermal energy. The electrical power produced
is connected to the existing PG&E electrical distribution system in the
area. The thermal energy being produced, in the form of hot water, is being
used by the Sonoma Wine Company to supplement the natural gas fired hot
water heater and the washing of wine barrels. While reasonably small (50kW)
by comparison in both electrical and thermal output, this innovative PV
technology is making inroads where a Facility has the need for both
electrical energy and thermal energy.
Located at the Sonoma Wine Company's storage and bottling Facility in Sonoma
County, this new Concentrating PV Solar Facility was integrated into the
existing Wine Company's processing facilities. The Project involves the
parabolic mirror/liquid cooled PV Array System designed by Cogenra; the
interconnecting piping and electrical components required to support Winery
operations; interconnect to PG&E distribution system including net metering
controls; foundations and structures. Patch Services responsibilities
. Develop the Project's Process Flow Diagrams and Piping &
Instrumentation Diagrams;
. Provide Detailed Engineering required to Permit and Construct the
. Develop Project Schedule and Cost Estimate based on Preliminarily
defined Scopes to support Venture Capital evaluations;
. Site Equipment Arrangement including piping and electrical and Site
. Specification and procurement of all mechanical and electrical
. Development of the BOP Process Controls System. Working with
Cogenra, the BOP Process Controls System was integrated with the
Concentrating PV controls;
. Develop combined SCADA system to support remote monitoring of the
Concentrating PV Solar facility;
. Prepared the detailed structural analysis for the proposed integral
parabolic mirror and Concentrating PV segments structural frame and
associated foundations. Patch Services Registered California Structural
Engineer sealed the completed analysis and design. This design was Approved
by Sonoma County and was fabricated for this Project;
. Interface the Mechanical, Piping and Electrical components of the
Concentrating PV Solar output interconnection with existing Winery
. Provided Site Construction Management;
. Verified Start-Up, Testing in conjunction with the Cogenra and the
Winery, Training and Turn Over to Operations.



Patch Services has the capacity and expertise to provide Programme
Management and Technical Services to United States Department of Energy as
well as International Infrastructure Lending and Funding Agencies.
Assignments in this area include Evaluations for the United States
Department of Energy and the United States Trade and Development Agency.
Typical involvement in support of DOE is the Evaluation of the Price and
Schedule of Renewable Energy Projects under the auspices of DOE Loan
Guarantee Program. Evaluation Reports we prepare address the Project's
Management Execution Plan, Projects Estimates/Budgets and the debt-equity
coverage ratios provided by the sale of energy from the Project and the
overall feasibility of Construction Methods and Schedule.
Support provided to US Trade and Development Agency differs from the DOE
Project Evaluations since these Projects have an International component to
work. As a result, Project Evaluation and Reporting require a boarder frame
of reference need to capture the Programme and Project Management being
proposed for the Project in the Developing Country, the certainty of the
revenue stream and occasionally the political stability of the Project area.
All Projects Evaluated for these Agencies are Confidential. Typical subjects
reviewed and addressed are:
. Programme and Schedule Completeness;
. Project Definition and Detailed Budgets and Revenue Forecasts;
. Executed Agreements Containing Defined Financial Terms Producing
Revenue to the Project;
. Debt Structure that in Consistent with Revenue Production;
. Financial Condition of the Developer and the Entity Accepting the
Project's Output;
. Certainty of Equipment and Material Supply;
. Validate Pricing of the Major Project Components;
. Proper Provision for Limiting Environmental Impacts;
. Proper Consideration of Worker Safety Requirements;
. Detailed and Through Consideration of any Short or Long Term Impacts
to the Local Community.



Patch Services provided the support required to enter a long term lease
agreement for the Site's real property, Detailed Engineering, Technical
Services, Project Scheduling, Budgeting and Construction Management for the
design and construction of the Kimberlina Solar Thermal Generating Facility
in Bakersfield, California. The Kimberlina Solar Thermal Generating Facility
was constructed to demonstrate proof of concept and economics as well as
provide research and development opportunities for Ausra's proprietary
technologies. This Project consists of three Receiver and Reflector Lines
and will generate approximately 5MW's of electricity. Site plans for this
Facility will accommodate two additional Receiver and Reflector Lines. The
Site is located at an existing Biomass Plant which is no longer operational.
For this Project, Patch Services provided:
. Process Engineering including development of the heat balances,
PFD's, P&ID's, Water Balance;
. Preparation of Project Engineering, Procurement and Construction
. Develop and maintain Critical Materials and Equipment Lists for all
equipment and materials that had the potential to severely impact Project
continuity and meet committed Project Commercial Operation Date;
. Prepare updated Project Costs and Schedule Forecasts as required by
the Project;
. Prepare Equipment Data Sheets, technical support required during
bidding and evaluation of suppliers quotations;
. Process Controls definition including block diagrams, loopsheets,
control logics, writing the PLC software, developing the Wonderwear HMI
screens, integration of the reflector controls with the Facility's control
. System Hydraulics, Pipe Line Sizing, Pump Selections and Controls;
. Electrical Single-Line, MCC Specification; raceway layouts, cable
and conduit schedules, grounding design;
. Submittal of all detailed Construction Drawings and Specifications
required to obtain Kern County Building Permits;
. Concrete foundations for all Equipment, Receiver, Reflector, pipe
rack, pipe and electrical supports and buildings;
. Structural Steel design for the steam drum, elevated equipment, pipe
and electrical raceway racks, miscellaneous pipe and electrical supports;
. Detailed piping design;
. Pipe and valve specifications for ANSI 150, 300,and 900 pound piping
. Pipe stress analysis and design of engineered pipe supports;
. Detailed electrical design and specifications;
. Construction Management supporting Owner's on-site personnel;
. Testing, Start-Up and Operating Training.



Patch Services is providing engineering and technical support to this 150
MWac Photovoltaic Project. The Site is located in eastern Merced County,
Merced California. The Project will connect to the PG&E Transmission System
at 230kV.
Patch Services is providing the engineering and technical support required
to Scope, Confirm output Capacities and License the Project. The Licensing
effort includes engineering and technical support as well as preliminary
Panel and Inverter selections. The preliminary identification of the major
equipment is required to prepare Site Arrangements needed to support the
County's Conditional Use Permit and the Project's EIR. As a Photovoltaic
Project, it does not fall under the licensing purview of the California
Energy Commission. Patch Services has provided an array of engineering,
technical Project Costing analysis and Scheduling services to the Project:
Description narrative, Site Solar Field General Arrangements drawings and
construction related Tables used in the preparation of the Conditional Use
Permit and EIR. Patch Services responsibilities included:
. Solar Field General Arrangement;
. Developed Expected Power generation outputs in MWHr/year based on
the Site geographic location, NREL data and the probable PV Panel
. Developed 230kV Switchyard to accommodate the 150MW Solar Field as
well as the looped PG&E interconnection to the Site;
. Develop the Project Description in Detail. The level of Detail
provided will support the required CEQA Environmental Evaluations and
. Supported the ongoing client coordination with the land holder;
. Support initial meeting with Merced County Planning and Public Works
. Provide ongoing interface and coordination to client's Environmental
Consultant and Merced's Environmental Consultant.



The Carrizo Solar Energy Farm is an 180MW Thermal Solar Electric Generating
Facility. The Site occupies one square mile and will be located on the
Carrizo Plain in Central California. Ausra, Inc is the Owner and Developer.
The Facility will interconnect to the existing PG&E 230kV transmission line
adjacent to the Project Site.
Areva/Ausra hold proprietary technology rights related to the steam
production system in the design of the Reflectors, Receivers and Coatings
applied to the Receiver piping. The large French Utility, Areva, has
acquired the ownership of the company form the Silicon Valley based venture
capital firm that initially funded the Licensing and Permitting of this
Based on the generating capacity of this Project, the Project must obtain a
License for the California Energy Commission. In support of this Project,
Patch Services provided the Licensing Programme Management, Engineering and
technical support required to initiate and prosecute the CEC licensing
effort for the Project. Patch prepared the Licensing Programme Management
Plan and Schedule in addition to developing the Project Description required
for the Licensing Document (AFC). The Project Description included:
. Licensing Programme Management Plan and Schedule;
. Development of the heat and mass balance;
. Process Flow Diagrams, Water Balance and Equipment Data Sheets;
. Selection of the Steam Turbine, Air Cooled Condensers, Feed Water
Pumps, Water Treatment System, Tankage and other major mechanical equipment;
. Pipeline Hydraulics and Line sizing;
. Prepared the General Arrangement drawings for the Solar Field and
the Power Block;
. Prepared the Site Grading and Drainage Plan providing a balanced cut
and fill that incorporated required on site storm water detention;
. Prepared the Electrical Transmission Application for Interconnection
to the CAISO;
. Preparation of the Project's Electrical Single-Line and Switchyard
. Preparation of discipline Specifications required for the Project;
. Prepare and provide input to Client's Project Capital Cost



Patch Services provided the engineering required to support the development
of this three and one half square mile Site in support of a 550MW Solar
Thermal Project employing a Parabolic Trough circulating a Heat Transfer
Fluid technology. The Site is located at the northerly end of the Mojave
Desert. Based on the sale of Solel to Siemens, this Project has been placed
on hold. The filing date for the Application for Certification (AFC) to the
California Energy Commission (CEC) remains open.
Patch Services provided the Licensing Programme Management Plan, Engineering
and technical support required to license the Project. Patch is continuing
preparation of the Project Description required for the AFC. Participation
in this Project includes:
. Licensing Programme Development including Assignment of Respective
Work Responsibilities;
. Presentation of the Project in front of the CEC staff as a condition
precedent to submittal of the formal Application documents;
. Coordination with the Environmental Firm and defining the Scope of
the Complete Environmental Assessments and Reviews;
. Develop the Detailed Programme to Conduct Public for those
Individuals and Business in the area that could be effected by the
Construction and Operation of the Project;
. Hydrology Studies that accommodate large storm water flows from the
south and provide adequate protection to Site equipment;
. Development of the Project's Combined Cycle Energy balance;
. Process Flow Diagrams, Water Balance and Equipment Data Sheets;
. Confirm Developers preferred selection of the Steam Turbine;
. Capacities specifications for the Air Cooled Condensers, Feed Water
Pumps, Water Treatment System, Tankage and other major mechanical equipment;
. Prepared the General Arrangement drawings for the Solar Field and
the Power Block;
. Prepared the Site Grading Plan providing a balanced cut and fill;
. Prepared the Electrical Transmission Application for Interconnection
to the California Transmission System Operators;
. Preparation of the Project's Electrical Single-Line and Switchyard
. Preparation of discipline Specifications required for the Project;
. Prepare and provide input to Client's Project Capital Cost
Patch Services will continue to provide engineering and technical support
throughout the CEC licensing process.



Patch Services is providing Project Management and developing an Engineering
level of completeness to support sizing and pricing of major items of
equipment, bulk materials, construction labor, other construction directs
and indirect and full integration/coordination with our Client's
requirements located at two different sites. These sites are located in
Ripon, California and San Gabriel, Califorina. Including Program Management
responsibilities Patch Services also is also providing:
. Defining the Process for the New Facility including its
integration/supply from the existing Cogeneration Facility Distilled Water
Plant to Diamond's Distilled Water use;
. Developing updated QF calculations that are consistent with the QF
requirements based on the LM6000 gas turbine;
. Supporting potential Interconnection discussions/issues with PG&E,
as required;
. Producing an integrated CPM based Project Engineering, Procurement
and Construction Schedule for the RFO based on equipment lead times,
contractor inputs and Veresen's requirements under the PPA;
. Developing Air Emissions quantities/profiles (includes startup
emissions) required to obtain the Air Permit from Southern San Joaquin Air
Pollution Control District;
. Quantifying Site work, including required demolition and or the need
to construct replacement faculties/warehouse buildings;
. Providing budget pricing for identified major equipment, high energy
piping, control valves, process controls and instrumentation. Historical and
factored pricing may be used if it is determined to be reasonable and
consistent with the current Market;
. Producing Drawings and Preliminary Data Sheets/Specifications during
the more detailed Project TIC Estimate that allow the construction
contractor to develop labor costs, bulk material costs and field indirect
costs to a specified level of accuracy;
. Sufficient detail, coordination and agreement with the Energy Host;
. Developing the feasibility of continuing to provide Diamond with
Ripon's Distilled Water product;
. Providing construction contractor with "engineering-in process"
reviews designed to elicit constructability review/inputs and improve
quantification certainty;
. Directly supporting development of the Permitting/Licensing Plan,
documents and exhibits required to construct this Project;
. Quantify gas turbine emissions and support the purchase of
additional ERC's if required;
. Providing Veresen with continuous feedback to support internal
decision making and highlight major issues encountered during the Estimate



Patch Services is currently working with Industrial Power Technologies in
conjunction with Louisiana Bio Energy and Louisiana Rice Mill in Mermentau,
Louisiana. This is a Biomass Energy Project that will produce electrical
energy to the local transmission system. Patch Services responsibilities
. Coordination between the Owner/Developer and the Local Utility
. Prepare an Assessment of the Development Programme that was Prepared
by the Developer as the initial step in Licensing and Proposing this
Facility to Entergy;
. Initiate Licensing Discussions between the Developer and Entergy;
. Evaluate and Confirm the Energy Balance and the Proposed Electrical
Output from the Facility;
. Perform a Preliminary Evaluation of the Long Term Availability of
the Fuel Supply being Proposed for the Facility;
. Identify Facility Auxiliary Electrical Loads, Prepare Electrical
Single Line and confirm Net Facility Output;
. Provide Preliminary Arrangement Drawings showing the physical
dimensions and configuration of the Steam Turbine, Cooling Tower, Surface
Condenser and Balance of Plant Structures.


This Utility installation Project was a dedicated portion of a large
combined cycle electrical generating Project. Agreements with the State of
California and the City required the installation of: 1) A Tertiary Treated
Reclaimed Water line; 2) A Wastewater Discharge line to the Sewerage
Treatment Plant; 3) A Potable Water Line for an existing Main into the
Project Site; 4) A two mile section of two lane roadway, including a
pedestrian overpass and sound barrier wall.
The installation of these Utilities was performed within the limits of the
City but involved the interface, coordination, permitting and inspection by
both the City and the County jurisdictions. A key component of these
infrastructure Projects was the compelling requirement that services to the
Public not be interrupted or otherwise impacted. All Project work was
completed without incident.
Patch Services was responsible for the overall Project Management,
Construction Management and Site Inspections required to complete the
installation of these multiple Projects. Initially, Patch Services provided
the Engineering, Design and Alignments for the Water, Wastewater and
Pipelines and Roadway. In addition, we also had the responsibility for
securing the required Licenses and Permits needed for these installations.
Based on the location of the pipelines and Roadway, it was necessary to
negotiate and obtain Franchise agreements with both the City and the County
to secure the needed right-of-ways.
Throughout the Construction of these Infrastructure Projects, Patch Services
continued to coordinate with the City and the County to ensure that
installations were conforming to all of the Licensing and Permitting
Conditions. In addition, we successfully completed all of these Projects
without interruption or disturbance to these basic Public Service systems or
to the Residents in the areas of Construction.
All of these Projects were constructed, tested and placed in service within
the budget established for these Projects and within the overall Schedule
developed for these Projects.
At the completion of these Projects, both City and County Agencies
publically recognized Patch Services for our Professional and efficient
Management of this work and the successful completion of these difficult
infrastructure Projects.