JOB TITLE: Project Engineering Coordinator/ Document Control

REPORTS TO: Project Engineering Manager



This position is responsible for assisting the Project Engineering Manager in all internal and external aspects of high-level project and engineering coordination management, planning, and coordination with client, procurement and discipline engineers. You will serve as liaisons between the Project Engineering Management, project engineers, discipline engineers, procurement, vendors, document control, personnel, accounting and cost and scheduling.

You will have critical role in identifying processes and are involved throughout all communication and the full deployment, maintenance and management of PATCH SERVICES LLC. currently developing Houston, Texas infrastructure and relations with West Coast operation and South Carolina Construction operation.

You will assist Project Engineering Manager with day-to-day duties, in a fast paced environment including, but not limited to, creating and mirroring Project Engineering files, code of account files, observance of schedule, documentation coordination, project and engineering documentation distribution, dissemination of project documentation, engineering specifications and standards.

You will make as required (non-technical related) telephone calls, write e-mails correspondence or documentation. You will follow up on all project and engineering related activities. You will develop, maintain and render status electronically for each project biweekly for circulation and management reporting.  

You will coordinate paperwork flow amongst the discipline engineers and project engineers and management. You will draft define, drive and write procedures, memos, specifications and work processes. You will assure uniform format, font and consistent quality of all documentation.

You will develop proposals or statements of work, job descriptions, numbering and filing systems and compile monthly reports. You will assist with performing high level strategic planning documentation and ensure documentation is updated throughout the life of the project.

You will maintain, in a useable format an electronic database of:


  1. A listing of all actively employed engineering and design personnel along with their phone numbers
  2. The resumes of all engineering and design personnel with HTML capability
  3. Confidential personnel information as it relates to the hiring process
  4. Evaluation information on employee performance, strengths and areas of improvement and training needs
  5. Client and vendor addresses and telephone numbers
  6. Engineering registration list for all engineers including States of registration, expiration dates and fees
  7. Cost data on engineering related purchases including but not limited to software, training, engineering codes and standards incidental and
  8. An up to date list of engineering specifications, codes and standards and
  9. Up to date engineering specifications and guidelines
  10. Other files as specified


You will be responsible to maintain an organization chart for each active project in-house for transmittal to Clients and satellite offices.

You will maintain an up to date engineering library, which will include vendor catalogs preferably as CDs, codes and standards (hard copy or CDs).

Strong knowledge of Microsoft MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Access is expected and the ability to meet deadlines and manage many tasks simultaneously. Strong attention to detail and service orientation is required.

You will directly report to the Project Engineering Manager


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