Deregulation of the Electric Utility Industry is creating opportunities for the aggressive; requiring major organizational adjustments for the utilities; and presenting challenges on uncharted water for the System Operators. To support the efforts of our Developer Clients in this mix of opportunity coupled with high levels of uncertainty, Patch Services LLC has assumed a lead role in providing engineering and technical expertise required to satisfy the power plant licensing process, as well as the project and construction management leadership required to build the facility.

Assembled as a comprehensive engineering and environmental assessment document, the Permit Application requires a comprehensive level of engineering to technically describe all plant systems. Typically, the plant’s power island uses large frame gas turbines operating in combined cycle. Permitted as either a Pure Merchant Plant or as a Qualifying Facility, Patch Services' responsibilites typically include:

Throughout the process, Patch Services works closely with the Project Development Team to support the extensive environmental assessments required for the project.

In addition to satisfying the engineering needs of the Permit process, Patch Services also provides the technical narrative, drawings and graphical presentations necessary to describe the plant and its operation. Prior to and following Permit submittal, Patch participates with our Clients to present and review plant design issues at Energy Commission hearings as well as to local interest groups. Throughout the extensive Permitting process, Owner-Engineer services are provided to support financing and construction contracting requirements.

Patch Services early entry into the new and rapidly growing Deregulation Energy Market is allowing us to provide our Clients with real time knowledge and experience. Our goal is to continue our efforts in order to offer our Clients the most current, technically comprehensive Permitting and Project support available.